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Whenever your Mac switches between them, gfxCardStatus will notify you. Right now, for me, no apps need it. If you want to force it to use one or other of the graphics cards, click on the menu bar icon and select either Integrated Only or Discrete Only. If you try to switch to integrated graphics when an app that requires the discrete GPU is running, gfxCardStatus will throw up a warning. It just sits in the background doing its own thing.

In this case, the Mac being compared has a Geekbench score 2. Likewise, the baseline is powerful than the machine being compared if the multiplication factor is less than 1. You will see a 3D scene playing being rendered , which is actually the benchmark test. The process might take some time, depending upon your video card or integrated graphics, Intel HD , for instance. Now you can run the CPU benchmark as well. Your result is highlighted in orange, while others are in blue.

These results are scores of similar computers with hardware almost similar lower or higher than yours.

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Overall, the interface of both these benchmarking apps is pretty easy to use, and since you know what it means, now you can easily go ahead and give it a try. We did not discuss each and every aspect of the process, but we hope it gives you an idea of how it works.

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