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On Windows XP First, stop the activation service: Click Windows Start , and then Run.

Type services. If Stop is grayed out, then it is already stopped.

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Find RosettaStoneDaemon service, right-click and click Stop. Minimize the Services window. Delete the FLEXnet folder: Click Windows Start , and then click Run. Move any files that start with adobe to the desktop. Leave any files that start with RS or rosetta.

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Click the back button. Minimize the folder window.

On your taskbar click Services to restore the window. Right-click on RosettaStoneDaemon and click Start.

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Open Rosetta Stone and attempt to activate: Enter your Activation ID, and click Activate. Close Rosetta Stone. If you moved adobe files to your desktop, then you should move them back: Highlight the adobe files on your desktop, right-click and click Cut.

Update Instructions: Rosetta Stone Version 3 Latest Application Versions

Click the Application Data folder on your taskbar to restore it. Double-click the FLEXnet folder. Right-click and click Paste. The adobe files should appear.

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Close the folder window. First, we will stop the activation service: Update Instructions: Rosetta Stone Version 3 Latest Application Versions Making sure your Rosetta Stone application is up-to-date is a great way to fix a technical problem or prevent one. Was this article helpful? Your feedback is appreciated. Please tell us how we can make this article more useful.

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