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Latest News: Featured Deal: Posted 31 August - The OS is up to date -X Maverick. The computer actually was doing well after I upgraded the OS but about a month or so ago I got the dreaded white screen. From powering on to fully loaded desktop it takes hours And every task I want to do.. I get the spinning wheel.. The laptop is old.. I get that and I am ready to replace it with another MAC. The reason I am here requesting assistance is to try to get the laptop functional enough so I can run a time machine so I can transfer some data to my new MAC. A word to the wise.. I am not an expert in MACs I mostly use PC for business.

I just know the basics of the MAC so if I am asked to do any procedure I may need a little more guidance than a regular MAC user. Posted 01 September - Try booting your system to Safe Mode first. Shutdown the system 2. If you see the progress bar under the Apple logo you timed it right. Safe Mode is a bit slower. Try removing any startup items from the system preferences. If you have an antivirus software disable it.

Then reboot or try and run a time machine backup in safe mode. Posted 02 September - I powered on I released the shift key. There was a spinning wheel gray and a progress bar below the apple logo. The progress bar remained blank, the wheel stopped spinning and then the computer shut down.

I repeated this twice to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

Fix Apple logo spinning wheel not loading start up METHODE 2017!!!

At this juncture I don't think it's possible operate in safe mode. I wanted to try and get into system preferences via the normal route This is new Any other suggestions would be appreciated. The MacBookPro was operating fine up until about a month ago. Except for the fan that is Posted 03 September - Not booting to Safe Mode is not normal and usually a sign of possible HW issues.

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Here are some other steps you might try. Then Look into running an Apple Hardware Test, the quick test will run 5minutes, I'd advise the extended test minutes. The SMC changed nothing - computer shuts down about a moment after the start up sound, apple icon, grey wheel and progress bar. The link you posted for PRAM reset is not valid. I did the PRAM reset - no change. I tried to run the Apple Hardware Test Something odd happened and only for a blink of an eye - there was a "? I read in the manual that a flashing "? I have the original Leopard OS disc if there is a need for it but I have since upgraded to Maverick online download and have no disc for that.

I also have a disk in the computer at the moment, no clue how to eject with the MacBook powered down. Not looking good I know. I don't know if this means anything or not but I usually keep the laptop on and restart it as needed. This was the first time I actually shut it down completely in a long time and since then, I'm unable to power on. Posted 04 September - Holding down the trackpad button while rebooting should eject the disc. Okay roger that Will I lose any data with the Repair Disc Utility?

MacBook Pro can't start, displays just spinning wheel. Help?

I understand there is a risk of course Posted 06 September - I followed your directions about Command R which got my CD out as well and ran into a snag with the following message: Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed up files. DiskWarrior repaired the hard drive errors that Disk Utility couldn't on my early MBP and it's still running fine today.

Backup your files if you haven't already because, you might need to format and install OS X if you don't want to pony up the money for DiskWarrior. Either way may not help you though but, it's worth a try IMO. Thanks for the tip I think my obsolete MaC per Apple is on its last hardware legs, but it is running again. Thank you Mayer! You have my vote!

Try starting up in Safe Mode, then try finishing your updates. To start in safe mode hold down the Shift key when starting up. Were you doing a system upgrade or software updates? If you've installed Lion, start up holding down the "R" key. Of course your Disk Repair utility is on that original disk. Some of the very early I'm concerned that you can't load from your DVD.

Unplug everything and hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Next lets zap the PRAM. Hold it till it tones three times then let go and see if it boots. Also do you have another Intel Mac of any type?

Good Luck. Jacm Baker - You may have a different problem here. How about creating your own question with all of your details. Show 2 more comments. After doing a software update for Office , my mac got stuck on the start up with the logo and spinning wheel. Power down you macbook. Now press and hold the "Option" key and the Power button at the same time until a screen comes up with two icons: Press on Recovery HD. Then when the utilities screen comes up, click on "reinstall Mac OS X". The next morning, I clicked the trackpad and my screen was black. Then I clicked on F2 to increase the brightness and there was my desktop!

This solution worked perfectly!

How to Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac

I got am an estimated time of 1 hour and 25 minutes for recovery. I will update if when it recovers! This is it! If your drive is in trouble you may want to find a friend with a Mac so you can connect yours in Target Mode and then salvage your important files. Afterwards run Disk Utility from your friends system to see if you can fix it that way.

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If you have a bootable external drive you can try booting up with it. It takes me back to the apple logo with the spinning wheel of death when i Press the recovery and Also the macintosh hd logo. February 7 by vallerfilms. I really have to reuse this post because I have the same issue and perhaps found another way to solve it. But I want to understand why this way may work. So why does the exact copy of the system boot from external HDD and not from the internal one?