Best audiophile music player for mac 2013

So iTunes is unaware these hi res files even exist let alone play them.

You will need MIDI setup to see it when you select it. Bitperfect runs with iTunes and it will set the sample rate and the bit depth automatically…. Sign in Join.

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Password recovery. Recover your password. Friday, August 16, Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account. Poor Audiophile. Share on Facebook. Even though you may be playing a hi-res music file, it will only be output from your Mac at the resolution specified in an app called Audio MIDI Setup. Do you have an expensive, fancy DAC?

Mac OS X Audio Player "Bit-Perfect" Sound Quality | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

To fix this, you need to go into the MIDI app and change the sampling rate to reflect what the file really is. Once you do this, iTunes will play that hi-res file at full resolution.

It sits in the background and does takes care of everything for you. You can set up sampling rates and more.

You can learn more about DSD Master here. With Bitperfect, you can load up your music library with lots of great hi-res music. The next suggestion had me sign on as a Guest user , to see if the issue was limited to a setting for the account.

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To do that, you restart your computer and select Guest when logging in. Unfortunately, videos and songs sounded equally bad on the guest account. The final fix I found online suggested opening Terminal to run the command sudo killall coreaudiod , to discover if the issue was rooted in Apple's Core Audio, a low-level API that manages sound. After I copied and pasted those three words into a new Terminal window, hit Return and typed in my password, the sound quality remained fuzzy.

And while those solutions didn't work, I provide them here in case any of them work for someone else. Then, I saw a suggestion to use the audio balance slider to find out which speaker was busted if it was only one. To find that, open System Preferences, click Audio and then click Output.

Play high sample rate digital audio on Mac computers

I heard no distortion when the audio came only from the right side. Yes, using only one speaker means I have less sound coming from my laptop, and I don't have stereo sound anymore. This is not a true fix; it's just all that I've been able to do. I've reached out to Apple and will update this story if I get an answer. Oh, and this doesn't make me feel too confident about how many more months my MacBook Pro has left, so I'm making sure to back up my Mac.

We've got a happy ending, folks!