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John Ritter voices Clifford on this series before his death in Martin and Bettina Fabos. Wikimedia Foundation. Clifford the Big Red Dog is an American children s book series first published in Clifford — is both a given name and a surname of Old English origin that applies to a number of individuals or places. It simply means ford by a cliff.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

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Clifford The Big Red Dog - S01e11 Come Back, Mac - Boo!

Well, not quite—he stopped growing once he was about twenty-five feet high, although his height isn't set in stone; it varies, depending on the story. He was way too big for the Howards to properly take care of Clifford in the city at this point, so they moved to Birdwell Island, where he could have more room to move around.

The series' Animated Adaptation has been around longer than you think. In the 80s, Nelvana picked up the rights to the series and spun off six half-hour direct to video specials with it.

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Starring Alyson Court opposite of Brent Titcomb , each specials featured a typical slice-of-life storyline peppered with two songs, and was animated with No Fourth Wall , allowing Emily and Clifford to "converse" directly with the viewers, but strangely Emily and Clifford could never converse among themselves in English, as to leverage on Scholastic's then-recent study that children learned better through participation rather than through repetition.

After that, the franchise reverted to books unless you count in the discontinuity that is the live-action mixed footage direct to video special by Warner Home Video that was released in the early 90s. This went on until the year Scholastic wanted to do another animated adaptation. The new version was such a phenomenal success that it ran for two seasons, spun off a movie , and even resulted in a licensed kiddie ride.

Things weren't so rosy after the movie, however. John Ritter passed on shortly after of a heart attack on the set of 8 Simple Rules. While Scholstic have been pondering upon the idea of a sequel for a then, the death of Mr.

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Ritter cements the decision of the spinoff, titled Clifford's Puppy Days. Two seasons were made before Scholastic decided to take a break from making a series out of the franchise again, while maintaining the series franchise. The books are still coming, as are merchandise. Repeats of both TV series, of course, are still running.