Ps3 media server mac audio out of sync

Plays fine on pc but usually towards the end of the movie, audio and video becomes out of sync. I prefer to watch through ps3 as it looks better and love this software.

Ps3 media server mac audio out of sync

Not sure if this issue will be fixed someday, but until then I will continue to use ps3mediaserver until it goes out of synch.. What's interesting is that the time under go to changes to a crazy time which is longer than the movies link. For instance, a 2 hour movie when out of synch shows 25 hours: 23 mins on the go to search option. Seems like a bug in the ability of the ps3server to know where in the movie the player is.

Original comment by bigbadjo I have noticed that when I play.

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When i use that, after about 30 seconds the video will fast forward while the audio stays normal speed. Sometimes, the video will stop and wait for the audio to catch up and then play normally for the rest of the file, other times it will slow down, but play at a "glitchy" speed. I am using a quad core phenom with all 4 cores being used. Original comment by fent I have also noticed that during the beginning everything is fine but when it gets closer to the end the video and audio are way out of sync.

These files work great on my PC so I know that they are in sync at these points. Original comment by zands Same here. This happens with no "square" or seeking of any kind - just straight playing. Original comment by gamma Note, that I was having similar issues. I resolved by unchecking "Switch to tsMuxer when H Original comment by danielco I am having the same issue. MKV out of sync with audio.

How to setup MAC Media Server (ps3/xbox360)

Original comment by grantkir Original comment by luca. The choice between the two options depends on what audio formats your receiver can decode. Bitstream is also perfectly fine if you have one of the newer slim PS3 models. That being said, you will also need a receiver with HDMI 1. Earlier versions of HDMI will not be able to pull this off.

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You can still take advantage of lossless audio by switching over to Linear PCM rather than Bitstream. This is the ideal setting for the older fat PlayStation 3 models or basically for anyone that wants a granular level of control over audio formats.

The nice thing about a LPCM stream is that the majority of modern receivers can handle this format without any issues. Rest assured, you are listening to the lossless version of the audio mix.

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Interestingly, if you have a PS3 Slim, you can take the LPCM route in order to specifically choose which audio formats you want to send over to your receiver and which ones you would prefer not to use. We get it, ads can ruin a good experience. If you have stacks of discs to convert to digital files, or want to cast Blu-ray or Windows Media to your TV or gaming console, Video Pack is your solution. Simply drag and drop your files and convert with a single click.

Alternatives to Plex: an overview of the best media centers

Learn more about the MPEG-2 video standard. This audio plug-in makes your videos sound sharper, livelier and pack more punch.

DFX enables you to adjust or apply different audio effects to improve your listening experience. Try it out free day trial to enjoy big screen audio with your cinematic video. On top of all the features listed above, there are some additional advantages that come with purchasing DivX Pro.

What are the best alternatives to Plex?

In DivX Converter, you can unlock custom encode settings, set B-Frames, modify settings with Target Quantizer and other super nerdy options. Skip to content. Available on Windows and Mac How? Make sure DivX Media Server has sharing turned on.

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Note that your TV or device must be on the same network as your computer. Your video should start playing on your TV! If you run into any challenges, please check out our Support site for more help with DivX Media Server.