Circumflex accent on mac keyboard

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Mac keyboard symbol shortcuts

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Check it out here! Here are some pages you may find interesting:. The Portuguese alphabet. European Portuguese Pronunciation.

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Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation. Portuguese Determinants a Definite Articles. Portuguese Nouns. Portuguese Verbs. Free Portuguese Verb Table. Portuguese Adjectives.

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How to Type French Accents on a Mac

Present Subjunctive in Portuguese. The list of All-code combinations is found on the Character Map. From the Start menu. Then click on Character Map. Click on the character you want and the code will appear on the lower right-hand corner of the Character map box. Special Characters on the MAC. For the Mac you will have to use the Option key. While holding down the Option key, press the key indicated below for the correct accent, then press the letter you want to be accented.

If the special character does not appear, check to be sure that the Caps Lock is off. Ctrl- : Colon, you will have to press Ctrl, Shift and ; at the same time.