How to download youtube video to itunes mac

Anyone with just a couple of clicks could add any videos of interest to iTunes library without spending too much time.

This is also amazing for iPhone owners, who can now pull any video from YouTube to iPhone and watch them offline while on a flight or a train trip! Convert YouTube playlists to mp3 format. YouTube is also a mind-blowingly huge video collection: documentaries, cartoons, adorable kitten videos — anything!

How to Download and Convert YouTube Video to iTunes on Mac (Mojave included)

The best part? They all can be saved in your iTunes library with just one simple YouTube to iTunes converter.

Will you ever need to convert YouTube video to iTunes swiftly, you know how to get this done with little to no effort. Even if streaming services are conquering the world, there are still many of us who love the iTunes library and update it regularly. For years, the iTunes library was the collection of all the music and movies dear to you.

Why should you change this now? Anyhoo, the tool we just reviewed here is a find for YouTube lovers too.

How to Rip Music from YouTube to iTunes

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how to download videos from youtube using apple imac

Folder Colorizer 2 Change Folder Color. How to use YouTube Converter 2. How to use iRingg. But not everyone knows that we do not have to pay for this content we can get free music.

YouTube to iTunes Converter: Download or Convert YouTube Videos to iTunes on Mac

We can download all the music, films, audio books and other content absolutely for free and add it to our iTunes without paying for it. You just need to know one little secret to get it for free and put a song to your device. If you choose to download a song to your Store with the help of our site flvto. Convert and download a video to mp3 as we explained here.

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Now you need to drag and drop the song to your iTunes. Enjoy listening to your favorite tracks! If you choose to add a track to the Store with the help of our YouTube Downloader, you need to do the following:.