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Editing on iMovie HD. A professional free iMovie. In iPhoto, you can browse, edit, and share your photos with new full-screen views. Turn your home videos into epic movie trailers in iMovie. And GarageBand gives you everything you need to make a great-sounding song — including tools for keeping your song in perfect rhythm and guitar and piano lessons. The incredible new iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand.

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And all part of every new Mac. Transform photos from your camera or iPhone into slideshows and books. Use the new GPS based Places to sort your photos by location or use Faces, which is able to recognize facial features. Build websites with iWeb, compose music with GarageBand and even learn how to play piano or guitar. I highly recommend using the find feature This can be done by holding the command key and while still holding it press f type: CFBundleVersion6.

Thank you everyone and lastly Rolando! I just followed those instructions and they worked for a new iMac using I am so glad you made this available, no other version has come close to this version. Technical question here…. I have iMovie 6 on an old computer I just pulled out. For this reason I was only able to make videos the size of a postage stamp back in the day. On a newer computer that died, I was able to export to the larger size with no problem, so I know the problem is with my older computer. But the older computer is all I have.

The terminal work-around has a lot of problems, so I was hoping to just use my old computer. Does anyone have any ideas? I have no idea why it gets so glitchy with the larger size file on this computer.

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Sorry, Terri. Not sure what to do about that. There were some tips in the comments here about getting iMovie to run without the Terminal hack, but it amounts to the same thing. If iMovies is coughing on your system, it will do that anyway. I have an old macbook with the El Capitan, and I installed the iMovie 6 through here, but it says I need to update for an older version so I downloaded the 6.

The first time I gave it a go, I worked on a trial work project and it crashed.

I have a lot of plug-ins on it. I would pay for iMovie 6 HD if they made it compatible with the newer operating systems.

Part 1. An Introduction to iMovie and Related Knowledge

But I also want Streamclip updated, too! And the later iMovies are not user friendly. Timing transitions alone, are a big headache. Terri I feel your pain. I wish there was a modernized iMovie this one, the good one. Done what Rolando said and after changing the string to 6. Thank you so much for posting this.

Apple Now Offers iWork, iMovie And GarageBand Free For All iOS And Mac Devices

I downloaded the file, which the icon has a white circle with a line through it and when I open the icon I get this message:. Stewart Check out this related post on this blog.

Mac OS Sierra Upgrading, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 To 10.12.6

There are some Yosemite and El Capitan notes there. Rolando Thanks Robert and thanks to Rolando! Running iMovie HD 6. Just ignore the bug after creating a New Project, restart the app and then open Existing Project. This is a great thread! I think video pad is OK, but, after about a month it disables some features wanting you to pay. Mac and PC. Hey, thanks for this.

iMovie HD Available Here

I still have 3 G4 processor macs with MacOS I bought one of the last boxes of iLife 06 years ago and still have the disc and used it to load HD6 on my then new Snow Leopard Mac. Since then, I have abstained from updating my OS, for fear of losing my beloved HD6 and not being very confident that I could perform these workarounds described here.

Just wanted to say a huge thanks! Now to get my slick plugins back! Thanks again for this! Huge thank you, Robert, for keeping a legacy application alive. Still using a G4 under Regards, Peter. Marlboro Man Huh. Works for me as of 9 Apr You are a gem! Thank you for doing this. I am new to using iMovie.

Imovie Free Download Mac 8

I have 2 and 5 but figured I should just learn on the best version. Trying to figure out how to make VERY simple youtube vids with black screen and my lyrics in sync with the song?? No luck so far. Thanks for your help and others out there like Old Version, etc.

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Believe it or not there was a time one could access just about every software ever made at the Apple site. Ah yes, and gas was 75 cents a gallon too Does anyone have the plug-in or whatever they were called, they included fog, rain and stars and others. I think they were added after the original iMovie came out. I have them on a Power Mac but the motherboard went out and cost to much to fix. Download the latest version from the Mac App Store. I sure miss that version, which I used regularly. Never use the new version s. This is a game-changer for me because I have struggled and struggled to edit on the later versions of iMovie and absolutely hate them.

Version 6 was brilliantly simple and intuitive — so of course they had to go and ruin it.