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Truly and invaluable tool for coaches. This tool saves us a lot of time because its practical and easy to work with, especially when using Tag2Win. As an ambassador, I like to talk about the software on my speeches. I'll highlight its simplicity and easy functioning, also its power.

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It allows us to create videos to show our players and staff. LongoMatch, in fact, has been present in all the last achievements of the Handball National team, which permited analyze better the rival teams, as well as improve our performance. Combining LongoMatch with coach creativity and other tools allows our players to get many more possibilities to optimize their efficiency with our help. I love the fact that it enables me to work either on a Mac or on a Windows interface.

If I had to chose one of its features as my favourite I would highlight the Presentations tool for all the possibilities it allows, even serving as a database. Complete our online certification courses and learn how to boost your team's performance with the help of video analysis. To start analysing your games with LongoMatch you need to use an analysis dashboard, please select the one that best fits your sport. Remember to import it later in the dashboard manager on the home screen of LongoMatch. Not available for this device. Start analysing your games today The video analysis software that helps coaches, analysts and players.

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We've just released LongoMatch Mobile. Totally independent from LongoMatch Desktop. Compare our plans Desktop Mobile The essentials of video analysis totally free of cost Limited projects, teams, dashboards and events. By clicking any tag you will be shown other files marked with the same tag.

Thanks to tagging you'll be able to find any of downloaded files on your Mac easily. Torrent search in Folx PRO PRO version of Folx is an excellent torrent finder - you don't need to open multiple torrent trackers in a web browser to find what you need.

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Enter a keyword in Folx It is easily the best torrent search app because without you leaving its interface, Folx will search through the extensive list of torrent trackers at once. Find torrent and download When you see the torrent that is perfect for you — click Download next to it. It's now officially my go to download search engine. I search and download very quickly right from the app window.

Solid stuff, thats a great product right there. And I'm looking forward to using the PRO version. I can't wait to experience that. Thank you!

Your browser does not support the video tag. Powerful Torrent Client for Mac The app downloads torrent files as well as creates new torrents for various trackers. Tagging feature makes search through downloaded content quicker and easier. Folx allows you to prioritize your download tasks and control download and upload speeds according to your needs. Magnet links Apart from downloading files from torrent trackers Folx enables you to download using magnet links. The latter means you do not have to save a separate file before starting the actual download, which is convenient.

It also allows you not to advertise the fact that you are using P2P technology. Folx Downloader Features.

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If you come across something you want to download on the web, Folx can automatically catch the downloads or it can catch only the specific types of files for downloading. Folx also features a browser extension, which has the options to download all, download selected, and download with Folx. The supported browsers are: Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome.

Proxy servers can be used for various purposes. Browsing through proxy offers anonymity, allows you to download content that might not be available through your IP address, and also allows managing the Internet traffic in corporate networks by dividing the traffic flow between direct and proxy channels. Note that only regular downloads not torrents can be performed through Proxy with Folx. Every download can be split in multiple up to 20 threads. Thanks to multiple simultaneous connections fetching the same file in chunks the downloading process can take way less time than it would otherwise.

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To obtain the most optimal traffic allocation, you can either adjust the download speed manually or simply allow Folx control the bandwidth automatically. This way other apps that need to be online won't suffer. You can choose the most suitable time for starting the download and set up how Folx will behave upon finishing the download: shut down the system, switch to sleeping mode, or simply quit download manager Mac app. Best Text Editors for Mac Software alternatives.

In addition , Free Download Manager for macOS and Windows allows you to adjust traffic usage, organize downloads, control file priorities for torrents, efficiently download large files and resume broken downloads. For more features, click here.

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