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This increases the clone efficiency. Many File systems are supported: For these file systems, only used blocks in partition are saved and restored by Partclone. For unsupported file system, sector-to-sector copy is done by dd in Clonezilla. Boot loader, including grub version 1 and version 2 and syslinux, could be reinstalled. Unattended mode is supported. Almost all steps can be done via commands and options. You can also use a lot of boot parameters to customize your own imaging and cloning.

How to Ghost a Mac

One image restoring to multiple local devices is supported. View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content.

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Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Thank you! Excellent suggestions. I will take a look at SuperDuper! See the Restore tab. Wayne T Wayne T.

SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner

Donations welcomed It couldn't do that before version 3 as I recall. I've had the registered version of SuperDuper! The author of CCC has greatly changed and enhanced the application. Though I would still never give up SuperDuper! The free version of SuperDuper! Danny Sohayda Danny Sohayda. I'm trying the Disk Utility method now but I'm not too confident in it.

Looking for a Mac disk imaging backup tool like Norton Ghost

I tried Ghost 11 but the boot disc, while it looked like it was working, did not allow me to connect to the ghost server. My friend swears by SuperDuper too but I haven't used it much to say for sure. I guess it's like the old Vi and eMacs debate huh? I've been using just Disk Utility lately though for some reason.

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With that disk image you just point to it under the restore tab and that should be it. One, it can only do full drives or a selected folder. So each time you want to back up your drive, it takes forever since it will only do the whole works. A restore takes just as long.

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Worse though, is that for whatever reason, a lot of folks including myself found you couldn't restore your backups created with Disk Utility. It would give you some error message. I immediately looked for something else that was reliable. I greatly prefer the registered version of SuperDuper! The initial clone of your drive takes a while since it has to copy everything.

But once that's done, a Smart Update backup only updates what has changed to make the target match the source. So any later backups only take a couple of minutes. Great for just getting your main drive back to the way it was in short order. Also makes it easy to try all the shareware and freeware apps you want. In addition, SuperDuper has a feature called Sandbox, which requires some explaining but turns out to be very useful in certain situations. Instead, SuperDuper creates symbolic links of those items from the source to the destination.

Because so many files are merely being linked rather than copied, a Sandbox clone takes much less time to create than a regular clone, and it occupies less space on the destination drive. When you restart your Mac from the Sandbox volume assuming, of course, that the source volume—typically your normal startup drive—is still connected , everything should behave almost exactly as if you copied all the files.

For starters, you can safely do anything you like while booted from the Sandbox clone—upgrade OS X, install new software, try out wacky system customizations, or whatever—and none of those changes will affect your original drive. However, you can also feel secure knowing that any changes you make to documents and settings while working from the clone will also show up when you switch back to the original drive.

The developer also recommends against restoring a Sandbox clone to the original drive. Although Carbon Copy Cloner lacks a Sandbox feature, it has four other unique capabilities that you may find even more helpful. But having a Recovery HD partition on an external drive can come in handy. For example, if you want to encrypt the external drive using FileVault, that drive must have its own Recovery HD partition.

Drive-cloning utilities: The best Mac apps for making a bootable backup | Macworld

Archiving Versioned backups such as those created by Time Machine and CrashPlan normally are not bootable, and bootable clones normally contain only the most recent versions of your files. But Carbon Copy Cloner has a mode that attempts to give you the best of both worlds.

Carbon Copy Cloner can also prune older files beyond a size limit you set when updating your backups. Although restoring files that were archived this way is much less convenient than in most backup programs, the feature does to an extent enable you to combine both backup techniques. That means you could later hook up that drive to your Mac and boot from it, without having to restore anything first. The procedure to set this feature up is odd: Block copying Carbon Copy Cloner normally operates on a file-by-file basis, but when certain conditions are met for example, both the source and destination volumes must be locally attached and be able to be unmounted , the utility can perform a block-by-block copy, which is faster for an initial backup.

Updates to existing backups are always file-by-file, which is faster for that purpose. As its name suggests, ChronoSync is primarily a Mac-to-Mac sync tool, but it also includes an extensive set of backup features, including the capability to make bootable clones.