How to re partition hard drive mac

How to partition a hard drive or SSD on Mac

In all fairly recent models, the boot drive contains a secret partition that includes the macOS Recovery System, some essential Mac first aid tools and an installer, should, for any reason, your macOS fail to install or reboot. One of the main reasons for implementing a partition is to run more than one operating system, such as macOS on one and Windows on the other.

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Or you can run two versions of the same OS in both sides of the partition, all from a single disk. Each disk drive, with its own volume, is found and treat separately in the Finder. Once you know how to partition a hard drive on Mac, or how to partition an external hard drive on Mac, you can format and manage them separately, effectively giving you two computers within one. Although, if you want to use the other volume to run an earlier version of your Mac — which you can, using Time Machine, the volume for that side has to be twice as large as the space it requires.

Resize a Volume Without Losing Any Data

Most users find they have way more clutter and junk than they think. Between old folders and documents, images and videos, apps taking up space, hundreds of email attachment downloads and local iOS backups, many people find they have at least 62GB of junk they simply don't need.

How-To Repartition a Mac Hard Drive

Boot Camp is especially useful if you want to run Windows on your Mac. With Boot Camp comes Boot Camp Assistant, a handy app for partitioning your hard drive space so that one disk drive can run and operate macOS, and the other, Windows.

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  • Uses the Apple File System format, is case-sensitive to file and folder names, and encrypts the partition. Reserve Size: The optional reserve size ensures that the amount of storage will remain available for this volume. Select the device in the sidebar, then click the Partition button.

    Internal storage devices appear below the Internal section in the sidebar. External devices appear below the External section in the sidebar. When you select a volume that already has data on it, the pie chart shows a shaded area representing the amount of data on the volume and an unshaded area representing the amount of free space available for another volume.

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    • Use Disk Utility to Add, Delete, and Resize Existing Volumes.
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    • Disk Utility also reports whether the volume can be removed or resized. If you see a small volume with an asterisk, the partition is smaller than can be represented at the correct scale in the chart. Click the Add button.

      Partition a physical disk using Disk Utility on Mac

      Mac OS Extended Journaled: You can then also restore your partition from a clone using Disk Utility as well. Email yours to mac macworld. Launch Disk Utility. Select the disk, not the volume, in the left-hand lists of disks.